Xtream Editor Instructions 

1. This is done via remote Access via Teamviewer, Please download and install Teamviewer on a Laptop or PC and have it ready, make a note of your ID & password
2. Contact a member of Staff to Install the IPK onto your Zgemma via Teamviewer
3. A Staff member will do the install and reboot your box. 
4. Press EPG and you next to scroll through the menu using the Next or Previous Buttons next to “0”

These are the instructions to update your box manually in case of new Channels added or your box hasnt updated 

1. Play any channel and while its playing press the “Menu” Button 
2. Scroll down to Plugins (if you get an error just press ok)
3. Press up once on your remote when plugins open and you should find Xtream Editor, Click ok to open 
4. Make sure “Auto Import” is Enabled and “When in Deep Standby” is also enabled, the other two Disabled Import Bouquets and Start Import. 
5. Take a note of your Code “In Yellow” on the right hand side of the screen (If setup by a member of staff you should not need to do anything)
6. Press Yellow button to Import Bouquets 
7. Press Blue to Imort EPG
8. Press Green to Save and exit out of the app and back to main screen
9. Press EPG and scroll using the Next or Previous Buttons 
10. If you can manually install the file yourself, Details on how to do this are below. 

You have successfully update your box and all EPG’S will show Bazza IPTV – Entertainment, Bazza IPTV Sports ETC…


Download File

​How to install Xtream Editor IPK Manuallyl. Download FileZillla from filezilla-project.org/on your laptop or PC
2. Install Filezilla and open up 
3. Take a note of your Zgemma IP Address, this can be got by playing any channel and press “Menu” Choose “Information and scroll down to “Network” Take a note of your IP address usually 192.168.?.?
4. While Filezilla is open up in the “Host” box above left type your IP Address i.e 192.168.?.?
5. Username will be “root” (without the quotation marks)
6, There will be no Password leave that blank 
7. Leave the Port blank also and hit “Quick Connect”
8. Scroll down to “var” on the right hand side screen and click to open 
9. Scroll down to “volatile” and open 
10. Scroll down to “tmp” and open 
11. Now on the left hand side screen in filezilla will be your Laptop / PC settings, find the folder where you downloaded the IPK file above earlier. 
12. Click the file you downloaded earlier and right click your mouse and choose “upload”
13. You have successfully uploaded the file to your Zgemma, now to Install it 
14. On you Zgemma while playing a channel press the “Menu” button 
15. Scroll down to “Plugins” and click ok, click ok again if you get an error
16. Scroll down and open “Dream-Explorer” and open it 
17. Scroll down to “var” then open then scroll to “volatile and open then scroll to “tmp” and open
18. In there you will see a file called “enigma2-plugin-extensions-xtreameditor_2.12_all.ipk”
19. Click ok 
20. Scroll to number 2 and “Install”
21. Once this is installed press exit and exit again
22. While still in the “Menu” page scroll down to “Standby / Reset” and choose “Restart

Congratulations you have successfully installed Xtream Editor. You will now see the App under the Plugins menu. 


Download File