GSE Smart IPTV app is a great app to watch the service on iOS and Android devices.
Installing and configuring it is very easy. Simply prepare a m3u url and do as follows:

1-Install the app from your store
2-After running it for the first time, you need to read and accept End User License Agreement(EULA)
3-Now from the top left click on more option button
4-Then click on Remote Playlists
5-You`ll be redirected back to the previous window. From the top right, click on + sign
6-A small window pops up from which you need to choose Add M3U URL
7-A message window pops up giving you guide line on how to add epg to the channels and how have channels in groups. This feature is automatically available on our m3u_plus lines. We provide m3u_plus to all our clients but if you don`t have it right now, contact our support and let us know.
8-Now as the page guide says, on top you can choose a name for playlist and below that field you should paste the m3u link provided by us. Now click Add.
9-It`s all set, go to the main Remote List page and open the playlist you ahve just created.
If you need a more detailed and thorugh tutorial,  read this article.