1, On home page of Firestick, At the top of the page (The Home sections needs to be Highlighted), Press right on Keypad and go to settings then device / my Fire TV, then Developer Options and ensure both ADB Debugging & Apps from Unknown Sources are Both turned ON. 

2, Press home click left to magnifying glass and type in downloader & download and Install.

3, On the Downloader screen it will say http:// so highlight click it and keyboard will come up make it read like this – Then click go

4, Now go and find the APK you want to Install (Open the NEW Folder- Choose BAZZA1STB.apk (That is STB Emulator), and Install and Open.

5. See below for more Instructions.

Configure (STBEmu)

1, Open Bazza IPTV 

2, Press Configure Application.

3, Click Bazza IPTV Profile and open

4, Scroll to STB Configuration and look for Mac Address and contact me with the details.
Mac Address normally looks like this 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX  (Send this number to us) 

5, Keep pressing back on your remote to start screen of stb emu and it should load up .(sometimes you have to exit stb emu and re enter)

6, Your are now Good to Go. Enjoy Bazza


​Simple easy and quick.
Start your firestick and go to your apps section.
Now search for “Smart iptv” and install it.
Make a note of your firestick mac code as you will need this to activate the app.
Smart iptv is a free trial for 7 days then it’s €5.99 for life so well worth the money and you can pay by PayPal or card for instant activation.
navigate to
Enter your mac code in the relevant box for activation payment.
Now go back into your firestick and click restart on the Smart iptv app
It will now ask you to upload your stream URL.
go to
and here you need to enter your iptv m3u URL. 
Enter your mac code again and paste your m3u URL into the external playlist box and choose various in the drop down box.
Now click add stream and head back to your firestick app and restart the Smart iptv app.